Low Poly 3D Models

It's been awhile. I've been working on a lot this year. Besides the freelance Illustration I've been working on improving my 3D modeling skills. These are a few of the things I've done lately. All models are extremely low poly, I'll be recording just how low poly soon. A few of these are models for a game environment I'm working on. All the buildings will be modular so that's been fun to create. I hope to have a few nice high poly models to display soon.

At the Zoo

I'm working on a mobile game for toddlers at the moment. The art is vector based and simplified into some basic shapes. Here's one of the scenes I finished. The games begins in a zoo so there will be lots of cute animals the illustrate. I've gone through 3 versions of this level and several monkey designs but I think I've finally got a final version. We'll see.

Vector Art

I've been doing a lot of vector based graphics and designs lately. Here's a cute cuddly bear. It's quick, it's easy and I can blow it up to any size my computer can handle without seeing pixels.

Meet my neighbor! He's the guy across the street. I've been drawing/painting him once a month for the last few months now. I would have to say this is the best one I've done so far. If you were send here by him than hello and welcome to my blog. I do mostly freelance work. If you send my a few photos or a profile to check out I can do portraits remotely. Something like this would be 25$, or 20$ if buying two or more. Contact me for different rates.

Dylan the Emo White Mage Comic Book

I've finished part one of Dylan the Emo White Mage. the project is coming long slowly due to working on multiple projects at once. I'm also in the process of learning JavaScript, 3D modeling, Unity, and creating a kids game for mobile applications. Might end up throwing some projects on kick-starter to get them developed faster and kick started.

Comic Strips in Hinduism Today

A couple of illustrations for Hnduism Today. I've done a bunch of comics strips for magazines like this one. Here my work appears in their July/August/September 2011 edition, January/February/March 2011 edition, and the last image is from. October/ November/December 2012 edition. I recently illustrated a collage of 10 short stories for Hinduism Today. The last piece will be the cover for the book aimed at American Hindus who are young adults. I enjoyed reading through the stories as well. Even if you're not hindu I would recommend reading them. It's a great way to get some insight into other religions.

Kerbal Comics

I've been working on a bunch of kerbal comics over the last few weeks! on the 15th of ever month I'll be posting a new kerbal comic for as long as I come up with ideas. Read the comics here Kerbanauts
These characters are based off the kerbal characters in the game, Kerbal Space Program. I've been watching Chad develop the game over the last year and I've seen way too many comedic deaths, explosions, and flops not to create comics.

Kerbals in Space!


Kerbals! I'm starting to do Kerbal comics mainly because I see them every day while Chad is working on their space planes, rockets, and comfy seating. At least the kerbals have a nice place to sit before they blow up or get lost in space. Poor, poor, kerbals. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be doing more kerbal comics when I get small spurts of time.

Rise up and stand your ground against the bullies!

Here's an article from Target audience Magazine about bullies. My book Small Voices and Shinedowns new release Bringing Down the Bullies are featured in it so check it out at Target Audience Magazine!

Downloadable PDF's on Lulu

Just threw the two books I created awhile ago on lulu. I'd like to be able to print and sell them for much cheaper than lulu charges though. If anyone knows a good place send me a line.

Learn Guitar!


A series of paintings I did for Guitarist Russell Eldridge will be published in his instruction book in the near future. Here are two of them and to check out Russell in more guitar poses buy his book! I'll post the details when it's ready for publishing.